Laure Manaudou Sex Video

Laure Manaudou naked video.

What would an Olympics be in Beijing without a little scandal? French swimmer Laure Manaudou (laure naked video) is seeking the gold medal in the 400 freestyle and 100 backstroke but one would never know it with the salacious headlines surrounding Laure Manaudou. Graphic nude photos of the French swimmer were burning up bandwidth all over the World Wide Web just recently.

Laure Manaudou and the Beijing Olympics Take a Back Seat

Here is how it was reported at the time. "Laure Manaudou is in the news today as the French swimmer has found herself in an uncompromising position. Her ex-boyfriend, Italian swimmer Luca Marin, has been accused of posting nude photos and a video of Manaudou on the internet."

Continuing and more photos here: "He has denied that he was the one who leaked the nude photos and told an Italian newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport: "I know nothing about the video and have only seen the photos. Yes, it looks like it’s really her but it is ridiculous to think it was me who put them there.""

The UK Guardian notes that when they tried an an internet search of her name the first thing they would see on the computer screen was "Laure Manaudou naked pictures" and "Laure Manaudou sex video 100% authentic" before it gets around to directing surfers to information about her swimming career. Many are more interested in her antics out of the pool than it, it seems. By the way, her busy Olympics start on Sunday night in Beijing.